Learn to make Vegan Soap

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Learn to make Vegan Soap

Learn to make beautiful handmade soap at home using readily available kitchen tools.

I will teach you how to:

Work with lye and I’ll explain why lye is a key soap making ingredient

How to use and understand online soap making calculators to create your own recipes

I’ll explain superfatting, liquid and soap bars

How to use and create moulds

Cold vs hot process soap making

Why Melt & Pour is not a soap making process

How to use natural pigments such as cacao, turmeric and clays.

How to use essential oils

This will be mostly a demonstration class with some hands-on activity.

You will take home two soap bars made from a previous class.

This class will equip you with the knowledge to create soap from oils and fats of your choice. Soap can be made from over 100 oils and fats, combined in different percentages to create a soap with the qualities you desire. It also allows you to make soap using ingredients readily available to you, locally made and with the greatest accountability.

Please note that it is not possible to make soap just from goats milk or any other milk for that matter. While it is possible to make soap from Milk Fat, it is very hard to find an accessible source of high quality Milk Fat (you can’t make soap from butter). I am sorry to say that commercial soap makers are very misleading when they say their soap is made from milk. Milk can be incorporated in the process as the ‘water component’ of the lye mixture but you will be hard pressed to find a recipe that calls for 100% of the ‘oils’ to be milk.

It is possible to make soap from shea butter, or cocoa butter, but not from the butter we spread on our toast.

This class is really wonderful because

What makes this class special is that you will be walked through the principles of soap making and shown online tools that empower you to take charge. I will give you a recipe and will show you how I created that recipe as well as teaching you how to create your own recipes.

I look forward to meeting you!

Arrivederci! Cari amici! Mara

Refund Policy:

I am extremely sorry to say that it’s not possible to give refunds once payment is made, nor to change your booking to a different date or different class, regardless of reason, or lead up time. You can however sell your ticket to another.

We look forward to meeting you! Much huge care and all the very best, from Mara.