Send a gift card ~ $150

Send a gift card ~ $150

This gift card makes for one of the very best gifts you can ever give, because it will never end up in landfill.

The gift of learning, being with others, sharing experiences and stories and personal anecdotes. Skills will be shared and friendships made.

All of our classes are welcoming, warm and overflowing with generosity. We love what we do and we love to share our experiences with others. No question is too simple for we are here to share all that we know.

Can’t wait to meet your giftee. Much huge care,
from Mara


 How does the gift card work?

After you purchase the gift card, your gift recipient will be sent an email on a date that you choose.

Your giftee can book into the workshop of their choice, and when they get to the checkout, enter the code from their email to pay for the purchase. They can choose to use all of the funds in one purchase, or to save some for another purchase, for up to 1 year.

Refund Policy:

We are extremely sorry to say that it is not possible to give refunds once payment is made, regardless of lead up-time and regardless of reason. We are truly sorry… we realised long ago that refunds make it impossible to deliver our artisanal model. But you can transfer or sell your enrolment to a friend or acquaintance.

Thank you a million trillion for supporting niche businesses like ours. Thank youuuuuuu.