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Vegan Soap Lard Soap Making Class

March 21, 2021 @ 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm


This class will allow you to make soap from any oil or fat or from a combination of oils and fats of your choice. It will explain both hot and cold soap process making and how to use digital soap making calculators.

We will make two soap batches: One vegan and the other from lard.

I started making soap when my neighbour a female butcher and academic, who raises pigs on pasture, shared a few kilos of beautiful white pork lard with me.

I realised that day, that as she lived close and as she would have an ongoing supply of lard for sale, it would be extremely easy for me to start making my own soap.

Over the past five years I have therefore not bought a single bar of soap. Soap making has become an addictive, practical and very useful skill. I have been using my home made soap to wash my dishes, my hair and body. I add homemade lavender oil to the mix to produce a very beautiful bar of soap.

The process of making soap is extremely easy, it takes time and care, but the basic principles are straightforward. It is easy to make beautiful soap from your home.

While lard might not seem like a great choice for vegetarians, for me it is the best choice. It is locally produced five minutes from my home, it is produced in excess and if not used could potentially go to waste. I could use olive oil and coconut oil, but they are not as readily available to me as lard. Coconut oil is produced overseas where I have no connection to where it is grown, who it is grown by and what the conditions are for humans or animals.

Whether making soap from vegetable oils or lard the process is exactly the same.

Since making my own soap I have also not bought a single bottle of dishwashing detergent. This has meant that I no longer breathe in the many chemicals used in these products.

Join me for this wonderful soap making class and learn to:

Render lard
Work with coconut oil and olive oil
Remove impurities
Use an online soap making calculator to create your own recipes
Carefully use lye
How to mix, saponify and reach trace

We will discuss both hot and cold processes soap making, but we will only do cold process soap making on the day.

We will explore various readily available colouring ingredients such as cocoa, calendula and corn flowers and clays.

We will use essential oils and discuss the importance of using these oils in moderate amounts.

We will work together and take turns weighing various ingredients and mixing two bathches of oils to make one vegan soap and one lard soap.

The oil once saponified will be poured into two soap moulds.

The soap made on the day of the class will remain to cure but you will be able to take home one bar of soap either vegan or from lard.

All ingredients and tools will be provided. We will be working as a team to make two batches of soap together as opposed to individuals working on their own.

I look forward to meeting you! Arrivederci! Mara


March 21, 2021
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm


ORTO Straw Eco Farm
100 Allisons Road
Blampied, Vic 3461 Australia
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