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by | Nov 12, 2015 | Fauna & Flora, In the Garden

After dinner I was full. Very full. So after dinner I went for a walk. A little walk. After dinner the air was cool but not hard. Not very hard. After dinner the sun was saturated. Very saturated. After dinner I grabbed my camera. The one I don’t let anyone use. Not anyone…no no no, because it took me ages to get the courage to buy it and I could not really afford to replace it so after dinner I grabbed my very special, super precious, most delicately handled, must not be touched by my children and of course I love my children more than my camera, it’s just that they are less fragile, less digital, far more robust when they fall then this camera.

So after dinner I was full, I went for a little walk, in the cool air that was not hard, in the light of a saturated sun and grabbed my camera and took some photos of our wetland and our sunset house.

After dinner (3 of 11)

More plantings, only 20 plants left from the 99 I bought from Western Plains Nursery.

After dinner (4 of 11)

I think this might be treasure…Centipeda cunninghamii, a little indigenous ground cover…i’ve yet to confirm.

After dinner (6 of 11)

A painterly scene.

After dinner (7 of 11)

Form and wind.

After dinner (8 of 11)

An overexposed landscape.

After dinner (9 of 11)

Luminous scene.

Treasure - Clustered Everlasting (an indigenous gem).

Treasure – Pseudognaphalium luteoalbum (an indigenous gem).

After dinner (11 of 11)

A sunset drenched home.


Falling darkness.


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  1. Bill Daft

    I was searching for Old Man Weed (centipede cunninghamii) and saw your photo. Can I ask where you are. I have been involved with CC for many years and woukld like to talk to you about obtaining some seed or plant.
    Thanks in advance,
    Bill Daft


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