Apply Images to Plywood workshop with Nicola Cerini

by | May 8, 2019 | Design, In the Garden

Come oh come! I will be hosting my first workshop here at our eco property in Blampied with my dear friend Nicola Cerini.

Apply Images to Plywood 

Saturday the 8th June from 1-4pm, $95 pp.

We will begin with a tour of our property:

  • kitchen garden
  • propagation, heating/laundry greenhouse
  • berry orchard
  • piazza prairie garden
  • harvest room

Then a warm drink and a hot fire followed by Apply Images to Plywood Workshop and morning tea (gluten free).

To book please follow this link which will take you to Nicola’s website and should take you straight into our Blampied workshop.

Bring your stories, bring your kindness, your hopes and dreams.

Please bring a warm coat and hat for our tour.

I look forward to meeting you very much, tanti, tanti baci, mara




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