Deep litter

by | Jun 28, 2014 | Chickens, In the Garden

To keep the soil in the chicken run from turning into a muddy mess in winter, to help keep chicken feet a little dryer…to ensure that you don’t step in fresh chicken droppings as you walk through the run (as the chicken toss and turn the straw about the droppings fall between the layers), to keep flies to a minimum and to help you produce some lovely organic matter for your garden…use deep litter in the chicken run.

Lots of straw.

Lots of straw.

Deep Litter-2

It also keeps the chickens from getting bored: chickens do get bored, i’m sure of it.

Deep Litter-3

Beautiful, healthy, Light Sussex.

Leave one patch bare for their bathing routine.

Leave one patch bare for their bathing routine.



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