Braided Rag Rug class with Ilka White 

by | Oct 25, 2022 | Design

Ilka White came to teach us and brought skills she has honed for over thirty years. Her weaving and braiding skills, her technical and creative skills. All thrown together to create something from nothing, something from very little.

Braided Rag Rug made by Ilka White

Our skills are our wealth and our education too. To be able to research and learn from others, to be able to make something from scratch, that is our wealth.

Teaching and sharing skills with others at ORTO Farm

Ilka is a master weaver and more importantly a passionate and dedicated sustainability practitioner. Her care for the world she lives in motivates everything she does and informs her classes. 

Handouts and direct instructions to help you navigate braiding.

Fabric is given a new life and diverted from landfill. All sorts of fabric, from old jeans, to T-shirts, to old stockings and singlets. All of it can be used to make a very beautiful floor rug. 

Tools of the trade, a clipboard and most importantly hands and attention.
Clipboards or a magazine to hold your braiding position.
It is possible to do a round rug or a more rectangular shape. A decision made at the beginning of braiding.

Next year I hope to facilitate another braided rag rug class because rags can be turned into riches! Thank you dear Ilka White.  

It is simple but it is also a skilled art.
Braided Rag Rug made by Ilka White in tones of blue.
This is what the beginning looks like. Many rugs at the start of their new life destined for a floor in a home where people who make things live.


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