Egg on track

by | Aug 6, 2014 | Chickens, In the Garden

As I was cleaning out the chickens nesting boxes I noticed my Light Sussex, position herself on the garden shed shelf. Over the past weeks I have found eggs there. I have also found eggs broken on the ground, as though the egg had rolled off the shelf. I kept wondering if the egg had indeed rolled off or if I had another chicken who had discovered how tasty her own eggs were.

All year round the chickens have a constant source of mixed grains provided to them via the Grandpa feeder. I also give them lots of kitchen scraps and a small handful of extra sunflower seeds, as well as greens from the garden and shell grit. I am very confident that they are getting plenty to eat.

But I fear that an old chicken I have might have taught my new flock all about egg eating. Or that as a result of the Light Sussex favouring the garden shed shelving as opposed to her nesting box, that an egg did at some stage roll off and that is when the eating began.

Today I watched her to see what would happen. As I waited and watched, she took position, then raised herself and shortly after an egg was laid.  I instantly removed the egg from her before she could succeed because she was indeed about to eat it! Oh nooooooooooooooo!…I then blocked the area so she could no longer access the garden shelf.  Somehow to my absolute luck, she has stopped and I now have eggs from my chicken once again.

Light sussex-1

My Light Sussex settling down for an egg lay in a precarious place. The nesting box is nearby but she has decided my work bench is a cosy alternative.

Light sussex-2

All comfortable.

Light sussex-3

Now she stands and I can see her keel and breast tightening and loosening as she uses her muscles to push the egg out.

Light sussex-4

Egg arrival. And the next photo I did not take because I quickly grabbed the egg to prevent her from eating it.

Light sussex-5

Back on track – the brown egg is from the Isa Brown and the light coloured egg is from the Light Sussex.



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