German Garden Allotment

by | Feb 18, 2015 | Gardeners & Farmers, In the Garden

Ralf’s uncle has been tending a family garden allotment for 50 years. The garden is a 15 min walk from his home and is large enough to produce all of the families fresh vegetable needs. It is one of many along a strip of land set aside for community gardening. For Ralf’s uncle and for others like him the garden is a life line. It reduces the cost of living by providing the family with fresh vegetables over the summer season. It provides exercise (the walk to the garden, the stretching required for planting, the muscle toning achieved digging) to a generation who would find going to a gym or jogging ridiculous. It is a place for socialising: each gardener has access to a small shed, and a tiny area just big enough for a table and chairs. It also provides couples who have been married for decades an easy break from each other when the intensity of urban living is a little too much.


Ralf, Ahlia with Ralf’s aunt and uncle.


Row by row, the soil is cultivated with a spade and loosened to improve tilth.


A small service road provides access to the community allotment and doubles as a bike path.


Berries are well maintained with primocanes tied back to the supporting structure.


A large plot of brassicas. A small greenhouse to the right and shed in the background.


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