winter, why think of summer!

by | Jul 6, 2014 | Design, In the Garden

I have learned that I must be prepared for summer early. I grow most of my crops in the summer months, I purchase bags of seed raising mixture, and packets of seeds, I sow and sow in punnets, and transfer the punnets into my greenhouse. I water once a day until the first leaves emerge. I fertilise with a weak solution made from my compost or worm farm or from a bought fertiliser. I then harden off the new seedlings for a week before planting them into the wicking beds.  I watch as they rise and flourish, set flowers and fruit. I imagine the recipes I will make……so much of my heart goes in and time too, to create an abundant garden….and I have learned that it only takes one day of blasting, blazing, sizzling sun to undo all that thriving. Hence, many years ago on each garden bed corner poles were positioned and wire placed so that Ralf and I could easily pull shade cloth across our garden beds. This summer the tomato crop produced sounds of awe from visitors simply because their crop had died under the extreme heat. Regardless of how much water the soil has, the leaves get scorched and burnt and the plant cannot sustain itself. So in winter……. think of summer.

Bird netting or shade cloth

Bird netting or shade cloth: the polypipes positioned to support either bird netting or shade cloth.

Shade cloth within easy access

Shade cloth within easy access

The shade cloth is supported by the Rio Mesh when it is laid out

The shade cloth is supported by the Rio Mesh when it is laid out

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  1. Dorri

    Lovely photos.. How do you harden your seed?


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