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by | Nov 5, 2015 | Our home building journey

For Kirti who has been kind, for kirti who has jet black hair, for kirti who sings melodiously, for kirti who writes to me.

For kirti who is mother, for kirti who bakes, for kirti who teaches songs and tunes and draws lines of colour.

Dear Kirti these pictures are for you. They show small parts that are complete and hide the whole that is not. Photos that celebrate what has been done as opposed to what has not. This house looks big, too big for now, with hundreds upon hundreds of jobs to do.

But later when it is all done its size will be just right, for me and you.

And women, men and children too! will gather around my island bench: to bake, to sing, to boil, to chop, to breathe in scents of kitchen herbs and many kinds of home preserves!……. I hope.

for Kirti (1 of 5)

Our winter heater, the Greenhouse now has glass installed.

for Kirti (3 of 5)

The tiles in the downstairs bathroom are done and I thank Craig for each and every tile laid, for his patience and care and loveliness.

for Kirti (4 of 5)

South wall render is done.

for Kirti (5 of 5)

The stair balustrade is now being made. Ralf is drilling a pattern into plywood to make it look more arty party.

for kirtii (1 of 6)

Some light fittings are done and look quite grand…in a small humble grand kind of way..the way i like.

for kirtii (2 of 6)

Our second-hand door has been cleaned and is a plesure to see.

for kirtii (3 of 6)

The lintels are glossy and honey like.

for kirtii (4 of 6)

Small copper pendants to remind me of Italy.

for kirtii (5 of 6)

Bright blue for Artemisia who is four and very funny.

for kirtii (6 of 6)

Our take on the towers of San Gimignano.



  1. Kirti

    Every photo absorbed with great joy by Kirti with the Tears in Her Eyes. I love your lights and lintels and wood and glass and bursts of colour. I’m happy that you are all happy and making a beautiful home. Bravo Cara mia and thank you thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Mara

      You are welcome dear kirti. Arrivederci, cara Kirti.

  2. Mara

    you are welcome dear kirti. Arrivederci, cara Kirti.


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