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At the Lost Trades fair in Kyneton, Victoria, artisans and craftswomen and men are once again celebrated. And you could see from the hundreds and hundreds of people there how much communities crave the slow, the heartfelt, personal, intimate and highly skilled world that once adorned us. With so much abundance (in terms of consumer goods) sometimes comes a sense of starvation. Our hearts can feel a little empty when everything is there all of the time, in every season. When the idea of there being something special no longer exists. When meaning and importance is drained from material objects because their sheer numbers give them little worth.

I often despair at the stuff that infiltrates my life. I ask for no gifts. And I judge what gifts are given harshly: as either another landfill embellishment or as something that will truly last.

In Kyneton my heart was filled to the very brim with the skills I saw, with stories told and with the peacefulness of slow.


Lost trades-1

Sharpening a scythe: perfect for cutting grass, barley, wheat and rice fields. A much loved Masanobu Fukuoka tool.

Lost trades-2

With knees slightly bent in order to keep your back straight when cutting.

Lost trades-3

Cutting action detail.

Lost trades-4

Hedge laying craftwomanship. Hedge laying is used to build gates, fences, or pot plant adornments.

Lost trades-5

Climbing plant frame and its maker Kate Ellis.

Lost trades-6

Spoon maker: exhibiting his trade to a captive audience.

Lost trades-7

Lost trades-8

Lost trades-9

Spoon makers tools.

Lost trades-10

Lost trades-11

Every spoon made was sold that day. Only one spoon remained.

Lost trades-12

From a coarse block of timber to this piece of kitchen art.

Lost trades-13

Another spoon maker exhibits his trade.

Spoon making steps: wood block, to a rough spoon shape, to the final product.

Spoon making steps: wood block, to a rough spoon shape, to the final product.

Lost trades-14

Rough shape.

Lost trades-17


Lost trades-15

Lost trades-16

Lost trades-18

Almost finished spoons.

Lost trades-20

Lost trades-21

Exquisite! I love it! Totally not land fill quality!

Lost trades-22

Garden hoe.

Lost trades-23

Hand made kitchen glass ware.

Lost trades-24

Garden tools.

Lost trades-25

People love the feel of wood. And love buying goods made from human hands.





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