I have had a great summer. I must thank all my volunteer fairies for without them I would not be able to do all that I do. No way.

There are so many tasks that take hours and hours to complete, such as harvesting herbs, stripping their leaves and placing them in baskets to dry.

Such as harvesting tomatoes, and then washing and slicing them and placing them on drying racks to dry.

Such as washing and cutting and boiling and crushing tomatoes so that they can be placed in preserving jars, then hot water bathed and made shelf stable.

Such as digging soil, separating dozens of garlic cloves, burying the garlic, covering them with soil and watering them.

Such as harvesting lavender, pressing the lavender foliage and flowers in the distilling pot, filling the pot with water, attaching the copper lid onto the copper pot, making a dough with bread flour and sticking the dough on the outside to ensure a proper seal and then lighting the fire and setting up the collection flask and watching and timing and collecting and separating the oil from the hydrosol so that I can use the lavender oil in my soap making.

Volunteer fairies you have been hugely wonderful.

I want to thank my recent volunteer fairies once more.

Rosa Maria, Natalia Riboldi, Minhue, Nanna Naomi Khan Mølgård, Rina Epstein, Liran Agour. Thank you for your kindness, consideration, observations, gentleness, carefulness, thoughtfulness and loveliness.

I wish you the very happiest and safest of journeys. May you have the opportunity to find or create the home you dream of soon. We all need …home.

Home: a place that welcomes us, hears us, understands, hears us again, listens, remembers, considers, nurtures, hugs us, lets us cry, lets us laugh, lets us make mistakes, lets us challenge, lets us feel relaxed.

Tomatoes ready to be baked and preserved in jars.


Pumpkin harvest.

About 40 harvested so far.


Sunflower seed harvest.

Wild apple skins: dried.


Making a second batch of elderberry syrup thanks to Milkwood Permaculture.


Volunteer fairies Liran and Rina from Israel.


Me and pumpkins.


Bread dough for three loaves.


Strawberries and the exotically named Danish: Nanna Naomi Khan Mølgård

Back to pumpkin images because I have not themed my photos.

Semi dried tomatoes preserved in fowlers.

Corn for milling.


Dried garlic turns black.


Tomatoes preserved in large fowlers.


Arty Fowlers shot.


Sunflower seeds preserved for next year.


Quince jelly pomace.


Quinces from Newlyns.


Quince paste.


Distilling detail.




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