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by | Dec 17, 2020 | Chickens, Harvests, In the Garden, In the kitchen, Preserving

Our property is becoming a little more abundant each year. With hens and roosters and geese.
Our hens have various homes. An enclosed run with deep litter. And various orchards and paddocks where they can roam.
And now geese! Proud and confident, they roam in ORTO two where they have nested and gifted us goslings.
In the garden a harvest of asparagus. A huge harvest this year, our very first.
And a harvest of onions! The onion leaves were cut and used to make stock, together with garlic, preserved lemon, bay leaves, parsley and sage.
And native flowers. Billy Buttons. They are a fantastic cut flower that keeps well.
Asparagus pie with grated cheese, lemon zest, caramelised onion, and eggs.
In Orto One fox gloves.
Romanesco broccoli you are a delight! Look at you! You are fantastic.
Shopping in ones garden…well it is joy!
Sterilizing jars for preserving artichokes.
Artichokes from our very bountiful harvest. We have made many, many stocks and used the stock for all types of soups.

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  1. Kirti

    So beautiful Mara. And the previous post. I will be here more often now. Instagram gone bye bye for now. Much love xxxx


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