How to make home made pasta

by | Jun 27, 2023 | Garden meals, In the kitchen

I started making my own pasta the moment I moved out of my family home. It was impossible not to. My mum always made it and therefore it was the normal thing to do. In shared households all over Melbourne I made pasta. In rental kitchens in Fitzroy, Kensington, Nortchote, Westgarth, Carlton. And there was never a housemate who wished I didn’t. It was always seen as a gift and a wonderful contribution.
It has always involved one egg to every 100g of durum semolina.
Grab a large bowl and place 400gm of durum flour in it. Break four eggs into the flour making sure to get every bit of egg out of the shell. Use one hand to scrunch the flour together with the egg until all of the flour is wet with egg. Begin to knead in the bowl until a dough is created.
Place the dough onto a clean workbench and knead it with both hands. Work it until it becomes really smooth and shiny.

Now let the dough rest for 30mins. Cover it with a bowl so that it does not dry out. Then come back to it, cut a small section of it and roll out with a rolling pin, or a pasta machine.

Once made it can be cooked straightaway. In these photos a group of friends enjoy a private pasta making class together. Pictured in the photos are edible flowers which were incorporated in the dough and we used a pasta chitarra cutter as seen in two of the photos in this post. The chitarra cutter is pure joy to use and very simple.


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