Master Baker

by | Jul 22, 2014 | Baking, In the kitchen

I really enjoy learning from friends. From friends most of all because an intimate relationship has been established that makes the learning process very gratifying. There is also an opportunity for me to learn not only about their craft but to learn more about them too. I always knew that Ken was a very hard worker, but watching him make an extraordinary number and variety of breads in one days work cemented that awareness into awe. I wanted to watch Ken make bread and help too, where I could (although the speed at which he worked was so fast that it was hard to keep up) so that I could learn a little more about the bread making process.

Master Baker-2

A math moment: working out the bakers % for each dough type.

Master Baker-1

Master Baker-3

Adding water…

Master Baker-4

Biodynamic flour…

Master Baker-5

After a long knead the dough is left to rise in a large plastic container with lid on.

Master Baker-6

Wheat is sprouted for the sprouted wheat loaf.

Master Baker-7

Shaping time.

Master Baker-8

Master Baker-9

Roll towards you by pressing your thumbs gently into the middle of the roll while dragging the roll towards you. 

Master Baker-11

Some bread is given further shaping by the use of a bread tin…

Master Baker-12

Other dough’s are placed in baskets…

Master Baker-13

Master Baker-14

Dough is placed in a small greenhouse for a second rise…

Master Baker-15

Ciabatta’s are sliced to decorate them…

Master Baker-16

Master Baker-17

Steam and heat is provided by the large baking oven…

Master Baker-18

Ready to sell at the market…

Master Baker-19

Ken showed me how the french sticks are given repeated cuts in the centre of the dough running the length of the stick to achieve this affect.

Master Baker-20

You can find Ken at the Maldon Sunday market, which is on the second Sunday of every month, 9am to 2pm. I think it is a beautiful and vibrant market.


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