Volunteers you are amazing!

by | Apr 24, 2023 | In the kitchen

We welcome volunteers from all over the world to ORTO. As well as local volunteers. I thrive on their visits and stories. I rejoice in the interactions and skills shared. I love teaching and the questions I receive keep me learning and motivated. I like finding ways to explain things clearly and to make the inaccessible tangible.



Separating garlic seed to prepare for planting a big thank you.




Katherine fed animals mornings and afternoons for two weeks and I can’t thank her enough for it .




Sachi and Merthe peel apples for wild apple fruit leather.



Sachi spreads fruit leather mixture for placing in dehydrator



Yasmin separating callistemon stamens for making syrup.



Yasmin mIxing strawberry jam for bottling



Rose pouring soap into moulds.



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